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Dance away from me

It all comes down to this- is or was. I'm not much of a public person, never was anyway. I'm too shallow to even bother to be a peoples' person. Wow, now the act-talk really gets into me. I'm pretty much peeved right now. Generally, no can do in these matters. I prefer to be left alone in my room where 50:50 gets the best out of my raging emotions. Level of anti-socialism seems to be increasing. Sure, with typical human behaviours that constantly pull the trigger. No wish to elaborate it any further. And being handphone-less just meant less commitments and more freedom to myself. Good riddance! Whats worse? Nursing and my camera aint going anywhere. I might just give up fotography since its been dangling and be a Nurse my entire life. Of course, thats a suicidal thought of mine. I might just die along in the Nursing process.