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18th: Boys

Dear boys,
I do not know how we stumbled upon each other but I am pretty sure we were walking along the same path. We were eating at the same table, sitting at the same platform. Came polytechnic, came Nursing & came you guys. Male nurses, pretty rare but I found you all at once. I would like to assure you that regardless of my weatherbeaten look most of the time, it is still able to feel warmth. Of course times where I have to wrestle my emotions to struggle to tune to the right frequency. I think we somehow defy the theory "Man are from mars. Women from Venus" by 10%, so much so that we are still up and running. Yes, at times I neglect you all. Its not like I have nothing to say, trust me. I am filled with opinions so and forth. Times when I look out for you guys in lecture/corridors/canteens which puts me at ease to know you guys are doing fine. I wish I could tell you guys how you make me feel. More negative reasons than positive I am sure of. That much I will leave it to my last day here. Sounds very platonic. Apparently not what I am aiming for. Watching you guys (kind of)grow makes me extremely proud. From a 'young kiddo' to a 'gym fanatic' to 'meeting your first love' to 'asking me which outfit looks good on you' & 'what hairstyle to cut' & etc..
Getting back to the point. Today, you guys swept me off my feet. Yes, yes,totally caught me off-guard. Thank you on getting pass my blood-brain-barrier due to the fact that I am like any other female out there. Demanding, picky & etc. Thank you for the most awesome card in my 18years of existence! Who would have thought you guys were this creative?! Thank you for the gift(words cant describe it right now). I've yet to figure out how to function it. Sorry I do not cry on request. Whose idea was it to buy a heart shaped cake? My mom initially thought it was my valentines gift which cracked my brothers up. -.-
Indeed, I will definitely remember my 18th birthday. One I will definitely treasure for life in my years of existence in Singapore. Next time please warn me beforehand to look presentable.
Thank you, boys(A, kish, kz, fiq, xuan).